NEW album 'Where the Land meets the Sea'
available now
Joe Caudwell's new album 'Where the Land meets the Sea' will be out very soon!! 7 brand new tracks, 50 minutes of relaxing and trance inducing tribal music featuring the didgeridoo, ocean drum, sitar, handpan and Native American flute.
The Didje Gathering
Live performance 
 During the winter of 2016 i have been busy recording a follow up album to last year's 'Earthgroove' CD. 'Where the Land meets the Sea' includes 7 brand new tracks, 50 minutes of music in total. It's an album that honors my connection to the wild places here where i live, on the Isle of Wight. Surrounded by the beautiful sea, i spend many hours playing outside by the ocean. It's also the place where i gather driftwood for making the didgeridoos that i play and sell. And when there are waves here, i like to surf! Recently i have been faciltating Didgeridoo Journeys with the didgeridoo and the ocean drum, and the success and popularity of these events led me to record a shamanic journey for the album, that could be used by people to relax to, or journey to. This 'Didgeridoo Journey' is on the album, as a 22 minute long song, and it's also accompanied by 6 other songs. The whole intention and feeling of the album is to create an ambience that will soothe, relax and inspire the listener. The song 'Awakening features the sitar playing of Paul Jackson, and 'Mermaid Rock' sees the didgeridoo being accompanied by the singing of Keri Highland. There is also Native American flute and hang drum. The 7 songs create a strong and evocative atmosphere of ancient, healing and sacred sounds that will help to take you on a unique journey of your own. The album will be released this April (2017).
July 7-10
Drum Camp 2016 
Live performance and didgeridoo workshops and Didgeridoo Dreaming
Tribal Elek (France)
Live perforemnce on main stage, Friday.

Joe Caudwell-'Earthgroove' video